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MamaTENS Machine Hire

£25 for up to 6 week hire

Hire starts at 37 weeks - get in touch to check availability for your due date.

TENS is a drug-free, non-invasive method of pain relief, which works in harmony with the body.

Thanks to its power, simplicity, attractiveness and comfort, MamaTENS is the most popular TENS machine in the UK. A recent customer survey showed that 90% of mothers who used MamaTENS would use it again.

TENS is medically approved, widely recommended, and totally free of side-effects for both mother and baby.

The three programmes are used progressively during the labour, starting on programmes A and B, which stimulate endorphins, through to programme C, which has a ramp facility and targets the Pain Gate. The integral Boost Button quickly raises the levels of pain relief, for use during contractions.

By using MamaTENS, the mother remains mobile, lucid, and in control of her own pain relief. When used from the first signs of labour pain, it helps her to remain at home for longer, as well as being suitable for use in the hospital. MamaTENS is also beneficial after the birth, easing post-natal pains as the uterus contracts and helping to manage the discomfort of an episiotomy or tear. It is even effective for post-caesarean pain.


1 x Instruction booklet

1 x Unit

1 x Neck cord

1 x Belt clip

2 x Pairs of 50mm x 100mm rectangular self-adhesive pads which include long lead wires

4 x AA Alkaline batteries

Expectant Couple

Birth Pool Hire


La Bassine Regular Birth Pool

6 week hire

  • External size: 165 cm X 135 cm

  • Internal size: 125 cm X 95 cm

  • Depth: 65cm

  • Holds 450 Litres of water

Comes with air & water pump.

You will need your own liner, food grade hose, tap adaptor and sieve

Hire: Services
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