The Trent Bridge Inn

I found myself with 3 hours to kill on a wet and windy Wednesday lunchtime while our cleaner worked her magic on our increasingly deshevaled house (I know, first world problems).

You might be put off by The Trent Bridge Inn (TBI) being a Weatherspoons but this one is a pretty nice one. The cricket ground was built in the field next to the pub – it’s so steeped in history it’s got it’s own Wikipedia page.

The best bit about a Weatherspoons is the app where you can order your food and drinks to be delivered to the table – perfect if you’re a mum on her own when even a trip to the bar can take 30 minutes.

Hot drinks are free refills (but that means you’ve got to get up and get them which takes the shine off the wonder app a bit) or you can just get a cheap beer brought to you in speedy time.

The baby changing is in the disabled toilet but you’ve got to go to the bar to get the key which is a bit annoying if the bar is busy.

It’s a massive pub but it does fill up. From being the only one in there at 11.30 I saw the whole place fill up and empty up during the lunch rush. Having said that, I don’t reckon you’d ever struggle to find a table with room for pushchairs, except maybe on big cricket days.

Overall, it’s a good pub if you want to be a bit annoymous and hide in the corner but also great for families and meeting up as groups.

Room for pushchair: mostly loads but can get busy for football and cricket

Baby changing: yes

The Trent Bridge Inn

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