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Granny took us for Fish Friday at Weatherspoons in Beeston last week because sometimes you can’t beet a ‘spoons!

We got there at about 12.01 and there was only one table free in the family dining area – it was a lovely atmosphere though, everyone seemed to know each other and were all pleased to see a smiling Arthur.

The highchairs are the big wooden box ones so armed with our trusty pocket snack I ordered Arthur some roasted veg and me and my mum gave us bits of our lunch. I’ve talked before about how much I love the weatherspoons app but it really is one of the best things ever, especially when you’re trying to keep a hungry baby occupied.

As I say a lot, you know what you’re getting with a Weatherspoons and i’m sure that they’re food isn’t all freshly prepared and made on site but if you order wisely you can have a good, cheap lunch and it’s usually pretty quick.

Baby changing: Yes, I think it’s only in the women’s though and the men’s is upstairs

Room for pushchair: A bit tight, be prepared to park it round a corner

The Last Post

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