Pizza Express

Sometimes you just can’t beat a pizza. You know what you’re getting with Pizza Express and you can use Tesco Clubcard vouchers too (now even easier as you get emailed the code so you can do it on the same day).

We had made other dinner plans but they fell through so we found ourselves a bit stuck with an awake and hungry 8 month old.

The restaurant on Goosegate was really quiet, even though it was a Friday, so we didn’t mind that Arf was a bit shouty. We weren’t actually offered a kids menu which I guess is fine as I suppose most babies of his age don’t eat that much but I was a bit put out that we weren’t asked if we’d like a highchair at least and I had to get my own.

The highchairs are wooden and boxy but Arthur’s quite a big 8 month old and the tables are low so he got on fine.

In the end it was quite late so we just ordered a quick garlic bread to keep him quiet and I ordered a not-spicy pizza (so selfless!) so he could have a bit.

Room for pushchair: yes

Baby changing: yes

Pizza Express

Photo from our most recent visit to Pizza Express

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