Nottingham Contemporary

EDIT: June 2019. Ottar have stopped trading at Nottingham Contemporary and the cafe bar has gone back to being operated by the gallery. The ‘menu’ is hand written on a piece of A4 and stuck on the counter – it’s mainly just sandwiches which you can have toasted if you’ve got 25 minutes to wait.


The cafe bar at Nottingham Contemporary’s had a bit of a relaunch and honestly, I don’t like it.

The old one has more cosy seats and seemed more spacious, it feels packed in now and it’s so popular with mums that lunch that manoeuvring an extra pushchair in there is like a level boss.

It does have good changing facilities and amazing highchairs and you’re almost guaranteed to see another baby and parent in there any day of the week.

Room for pushchair: yes, but could be better

Baby changing: yes

Nottingham Contemporary

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