Junkyard Bar & Kitchen

This used to be Holy Calzone in Lady Bay. They've opened it out a bit but it just doesn't feel as family friendly as before.

There's no books to read or 'buggy park' and the kids menu is just jotted on a board, pizza or pasta with a drink and Ice Cream for £7.20.

Highchairs are the wooden ones when they used to be the useful Ikea ones and they're all stashed away upstairs.

They said the Holy Calzone concept wasn't working so perhaps it was the child friendly element putting people off, time will tell.

Having said all that, the food was really good. There's still pizzas but they've bulked it up with small plates too. The beer seems to be similar but it is varied and good choice if a little expensive. Service was good but a bit mixed, sort of ordered at the bar but drinks weren't brought to the table.

Anyway, it was a really nice evening. The bill was £73 for the three of us which was a little eye watering, but all in all i'd say it was worth it.

I wonder if everyone is still going with the kids in the afternoon or if they've been out off by the switch?

Baby changing: Yes

Room for pushchair: Yes, it's pretty open and spacious

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