Holy Calzone

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

EDIT***Holy Calzone has now changed to Junkyard Bar & Kitchen. See separate post.

This place is so super family friendly that it seems too good to be true. Indeed, the suburbs of Lady Bay where Holy Calzone is set, in a lovely little building that was once a church, is chock full of families so why on earth not appeal to them.

Well, a discussion on their Facebook group this week suggests a curfew on children in the evenings after some complaints they’ve recieved. This discussion is possible for a whole differant blog, but for what it’s worth, I say hell no! Especially in the early months before Arthur knew what a bedtime was, let alone went to sleep at a reasonable hour, we loved nothing more than to pretend we were still young and carefree and sometimes we’d enjoy a drink and some food past 8pm while Arthur snoozed away in his puschair. I think if you’re going to start excluding families, whatever time of night, then you loose the lovely family centric vibe. And anyway, sometimes I don’t want to hear the adults at the table next to me’s vacuous musings but we can’t put a curfew on them can we?!

Anyway, I digress. Super pizza, excellent selection of beers, nice kids menu and a lovely clean crisp setting. Even the highchairs are the ideal plastic ones that even the littlest babies can fit into and sit right up at the table.

So child friendly, there’s a selection of books and toys to read, a designated ‘buggy bay’ and a Monday morning club for little babies and their chaperones. I can’t recommend this place enough!

A quick google makes it clear through facebook and their wesbite that they were ‘family’ friendly – I love that. It’s really good when you don’t have to go in a bit sheepish asking if it’s o.k to bring the little one in.

Oh and we were there until 8.21pm – sorry if we offeneded anyone.

Room for pushchair: Roomey restaurant and somewhere to park up if you don’t need it with out.

Baby changing: yes

Holy Calzone

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