I did something i’ve never done before on Saturday. I dragged the family to one of those places that only does dessert. I never had a sweet tooth until I was about 8 months pregnant when I became obsessed with biscuits. A year on and now my sweet tooth has settled in with the savory tooth that also loves a starter (it’s a problem).

Anyway, we’d been at the Street Food Club and I wanted to finish it off with something unnecessary so we went for it.

It’s a bit pricey for what is basically just ice cream (£13.20 for a sundae and cookie dough with ice cream) but it was pretty good. There doesn’t seem to be kids options so Ryan offered Arthur some of his cookie dough, thankfully he wasn’t bothered and just hit the spoon on the table over and over again.

But, perfectly child friendly with all the necessary facilities.

Baby changing: yes, upstairs, there’s a lift

Room for pushchair: yes


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