Broadway Cinema

Arthur’s first cinema trip! The film was rubbish but the idea excellent. Once a month they have ‘Bringing up baby’ screenings – they’re always 12a or less. It’s £5.50 for adults and free for babies up to the age of one. We had a great time, you can forgive the baby noises (the phone ringing still unforgivable though) and they leave the lights on a bit and the volume not too loud.

We had lunch in the cafe bar and it was great. If you’ve been before you’ll know the tables are pretty crammed in so it’s best to get there with plenty of time to spare if you plan to have lunch so you can find a spot with enough room for baby.

Room for puschair: not loads in the cafe bar. You can’t take pushchairs into the screening either but you can take car seats and there’s a room for you to store the pushchair which they lock during the film.

Baby changing: yes


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