I could spend all day in the magic land of flat pack furniture so lucky for Arthur the Swedes know how look after their little ones.

The restaurant’s got a nursing area that i’m jealous of – i’ve had my eye on those chairs for a long time!

There’s microwaves to heat food up but baby food is free anyway. The little play area in the restaurant is nice, and there’s a big one that you can drop off at while you shop for the older kids.

Whilst the comfy chair in the baby changing room was very tempting after a full trip round the shop, Mum was desperate for her meatballs so we had to have a quick change so she didn’t pass out.

My only irritation with these stand alone changing rooms is a lack of a toilet. When you’re on your own with a baby you end up having to go in the disabled toilet anyway or, have a wee in the end cubicle with the door open as I often did in the early days!

The kids menu is really good value. Although it recommends that the meatballs are for 4 year olds and over I couldn’t deprive the boy so he had the kids meatballs (4) and chips, peas and a piece of fruit for £2.50.

The menu says that is developed by nutrionists so I presume it’s the amount of salt and the fried chips but I knew we were having a homemade lasagne for tea so let him dig in – I had to finish his chips anyway

Highchairs are the classic Ikea ones obviously, although no tray with them which I know is important to us BLWers!

Room for pushchair: loads

Baby changing: yep – see above!

Ikea – Nottingham

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